Jill A. Thompson

A proven leader, Jill Thompson is currently the Athens county auditor, where one of her primary issues is accountability.  Thompson established the first Athens County Auditor website to provide property record information online in an effort to provide more accurate and accessible information any hour of any day.

Thompson has been an active member of the Ohio Council of County Officials (OCCO) and the Legislative and Executive Committee of the County Auditor’s Association of Ohio (CAAO) of which she sits on several committees.  Recently, Thompson was elected as Second-Vice Chair of the CAAO.

 “As an elected official, I have always made accountability a main focus in my office,” said Thompson.  “I hope to continue my service to the citizens of Ohio and I will work to keep our community and economy strong.” 

An active member of the community, Thompson is a member of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, Athens County Farm Bureau, A.M. Rotary, Ohio University Green and White Club, and the United Seniors of Athens County Board. 

Jill Thompson and her husband Trevis currently reside in The Plains with their extremely active three boys, Trent, Lukas and Seth.  She graduated from Alexander High School and attended Ohio University, where she graduated from the School of Business with a degree in Finance.