Republican candidates for the November 2012 election:

For Federal offices

State Treasurer Josh Mandel

for US Senate


US Representative Steve Stivers

for re-election in the 15th Congressional District of Ohio


US Representative Bill Johnson

for re-election in the 6th Congressional District of Ohio

For State Senate and House 

Shane Thompson

for Ohio's 30th Senate District


State Senator Troy Balderson

for re-election to Ohio's 20th Senate District


Charles Richter

for Ohio's 94th House District

For Athens County Office
Commissioner Larry Payne

for re-election as Athens County Commissioner


Randy Mace

for Athens County Commissioner


Steve Kane

for Athens County Sheriff


For Judiciary


Judge Leonard Holzapfel

for Justice of the Ohio Fourth District Court of Appeals


Judge Sharon Kennedy 

for Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court


Justice Robert Cupp 

for re-election as Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court


Justice Terrence O’Donnell 

for re-election as Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court


For State Board of Education


Philip Gerth

for Ohio State Board of Education, District 9